About Bertrand

Specific experience of coaching:

Bertrand Beauregard is an international Master Coach and Trainer based in Lyon, France. For him, coaching is a way of life — a commitment to benefiting others by supporting them to realise their potential. In 2010, Bertrand founded IICH, Institut International de Coaching Humaniste.

IICH supports people to unlock their true potential in order to live with more meaning and purpose. IICH is a small team of multi-skilled professionals with a breadth of experiences in both business and the wider human development field; including coaching, psychology, hypnotherapy and psychotherapy. Experiences which enrich the team’s ability to support people based on their specific development goals.

The IICH coaching approach places an important emphasis on enabling individuals and teams to discover their core values. To really explore how these values influence individual and group behaviour, both at work and in life.

It is this focus that led Bertrand to develop HOVTA as a diagnostic tool for identifying values and talents. The HOVTA assessment allows individuals and corporates to identify their values and talents so has to better recruit, manage and coach talent, combining performance, well-being and a sense of purpose. The HOVTA is available for individuals, teams and organizations.

For over 10 years, Bertrand has been coaching hypergrowth companies, CEOs, entrepreneurs, executives and teams. What is common amongst all his clients is that they have “skin and soul in the game”. This means that they take risks along with the associated responsibilities. In their roles, they promote human values and harmony with the environment.

As an enthusiastic and passionate person, Bertrand’s coaching DNA is to allow inner talents to be revealed — to promote awareness, congruence and to unlock true potential. Embedded in his work are the core values of Entrepreneurship, Humanism, Innovation and Ethics. Within such a framework, he and his team often lead fire-walk coaching events for corporates. Bertrand is the author of the book “Dialogue avec l’inconscient”. He often gives talks on topics related to HR, Management, and Coaching.

Before becoming a coach, Bertrand was in Management in the steel industry. For 8 years, he worked on strategic projects in a cross-cultural environment. Three of these years were spent in Brazil.

Aside from his coaching activities, Bertrand has also been in involved in many social projects and in developing social entrepreneurship in Asia. His commitment to human development has led him beyond the corporate world to coach villagers in remote areas of Nepal, monks and nuns in monasteries, NGOs and individuals in Brazilian slums. He offers coaching in the French, English and Portuguese languages.

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Bertrand completed an engineering degree at Ecole Centrale de Marseille (ECM) in 2002. He received a post-graduate degree in management (DESS CAAE) in 2003 at Institut d’Administration des Entreprise (IAE) d’Aix-en-Provence in 2003. He has a Bachelors in Psychology from Université Lyon 2 Lumière in 2003. In between, he obtained many credentials in Brief Strategic Therapy and Coaching. He has been certified by the Sociedade Brasileira de Coaching and the Behavioural Coaching Institute in life coaching, executive coaching and master coaching from 2008 to 2010, as a Kinesiology practitioner in 2011, in Hypnotherapy in 2012, and in coaching with constellations. He has always been supervised since 2010 either in therapy or in coaching. In 2020, he received the credential of Master Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation. Being more than a credential for him, it is a mark of a commitment to human development and ethics.

My approach of coaching

“For me coaching is an encounter. This is an alchemic process. In my sessions, I intend to offer my skills and experience to create a safe place that allows my clients to experience their strengths, transform their vulnerabilities and explore their true potential. My approach is based on values as a means to promote awareness, change, performance, well-being and a sense of purpose. Though my skills, may I benefit my clients and allow them to offer their most unique contribution to this amazing world”


HOVTA Values and Talents Assessment